Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend in Pictures

Pictures as promised! And just so you know, the computer did indeed go down again today, which is why I'm just now posting these. I have discovered that the following things make my internet connection stop working:
1. Rain, the chance of rain, someone mentioning rain within a four-mile radius of my computer.
2. Wind. Any wind. Even a slight breeze.
3. Snow, sleet, hail, tsunamis or any other conditions that could result in moisture in the air.
4. A cat horking up a hairball on the modem. Oh, wait, I think that falls into the third category!
Since any or all of these are apt to happen at my house in any given day, internet connections are spotty, at best. Anyway...
Had I lived a century ago, having strapping man-children would have made me the envy of the neighborhood. Since most of us no longer live on farms and require male offspring to help run them, I've decided to become an urban farmer. This past weekend, we planted the crops.
The boys enjoyed planting so much, it is questionable whether any of the "crops" will have a chance. Gabe might or might not have planted the seeds a little too deep. And Timothy watered so copiously, it's a good thing Gabe did plant too deep, or all the seeds would certainly have been washed away. Poor seeds. They think we're experiencing another Noah-esque flood. I just made up "Noah-esque". It's not a real word.

In a few weeks, we should have lots of pots full of beautiful flowers and herbs. I hope.

Timothy took up a new hobby over the weekend, while we're on the urban farmer theme. He is big into cat herding. He runs through the house, chasing the whole bunch of them and giggling madly. They don't seem to enjoy this nearly as much as he does. They've been looking for new places to hide from him. Since Meanie is a little obsessed with shoes, here is where I found him Saturday evening, after I put on my uncomfortable shoes (see next paragraph!). The box says it all. He looks as if he thinks it should say "Y-me?"

On a completely different note, Saturday night I was Nichole's "date" for the Sip for Sight event. I wore very uncomfortable shoes. There were over 60 different wines, and we did our best to sample them all. There was also lots of food from fabulous local restaurants. We had so much bruschetta from TiAmo's, I spent most of Sunday trying to get rid of the garlic smell that followed me in a pungent cloud. In other words, a good time was had by all. Oh, and I got invited to join the Tulsa Wine Club! And that was my weekend!

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