Friday, April 25, 2008

The Catbird Seat

But not in a literary sense. I recently refilled the bird feeder that hangs outside my kitchen window. Then I opened all the windows. This is the result. The cats all make this funny chattering noise with their teeth as they stare at the birds outside the screen. It's highly entertaining. To me, that is. To them, it's highly frustrating.

Not the best photos, I know. Something about all the sticky fingerprints on the lens of the camera (see previous post) caused them to be a little foggy. Plus, I couldn't get an angle that showed the bird feeder along with Moses and Meanie.
Also, this is where I found Moses when I went into the bathroom this morning to take my shower. I think he believed he was being inconspicuous. I always fling him out of the bathroom before I shower because he likes to sneak up and attack me as I'm washing my hair. Please note the one evil eye shining through the shower curtain. "You can't see me! I can see you, but you can't see me!"

"Darn it! Foiled again, and by my own tail!"

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