Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A brief tribute to my husband...

And it's only brief because, let's face it, I should be doing laundry or de-furring the couch cushions, or some other useful form of housework right now. Chris doesn't get much face-time on my blog, and I'm not really sure why. He's the backbone of my very existence. He can fix almost anything, including me when I break. He's my best friend and my partner in crime. And he did something so unusual, I feel that I must write about it. My husband has spent the last several evenings untangling yarn for my knitting pleasure! Let me 'splain.

Chris has never really approved of my knitting habit. He thinks it's a little weird for someone my age to knit. In his defense, his mom wasn't the "crafting" type. He's come to accept my strangeness in many other areas of life, but we've had to agree to disagree about knitting. This could have something to do with the amount of space my yarn "stash" is taking up in our very small house. One of my recent stash purchases was two coordinating yarns to make myself a fancy shaw. One is a lovely, fine angora, and the other is a soft, synthetic ribbon yarn. I've been dying to get started, but life gets in the way. There are just too many baby gifts I need to be working on! I feel guilt!!! I finally got out both hanks last week to make them into balls so I could get started. The angora fibers kept sticking together, so Chris offered to help me by holding the hank while I rolled the ball. This was breakthrough number one. We finished that ball in record time, and I got out the ribbon yarn. Unfortunately, the stuff is so slippery, I couldn't get it going, and I ended up with all 300 yards of it in one gigantic, knotted mess. If it were up to me, this probably would've gotten put away for "later" and become one of those projects that I won't ever finish, but refuse to throw away. Chris, however, has patiently sat on the couch every evening since and untangled the yarn. After at least ten hours of work on his part, the tangle is down to the last fifteen or so yards, the best I can tell. And he's still working on it, even though he doesn't approve of knitting or yarn, as a rule. THAT is love! And also breakthrough number two. And for the record, this didn't turn out "brief" at all. Thus, proving I am my father's child! Any of you who have every sat through one of his "brief sermons" and have the pressure sores to prove it will know exactly what I mean!

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Eryn said...

He sounds wonderful! My husband helped make a swift, and then complained I wouldn't need him anymore to wind yarn :^)

Enough about husbands! How about a meme? I tagged you.