Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have boys...

...And they look all cute and innocent. Especially when they're playing in the back yard.
Well, not entirely innocent. They are boys, after all. Their primary goal as such seems to be to shoot projectiles at...anything. Each other, the cats, their mother's behind...and once I came out and found the dog entirely coated in silly string.
Then they come inside and expect me to do their laundry. Have you ever seen such grass stains in your life? There isn't enough Shout in the universe!
They also like to eat chocolate pudding pops. This is Timothy asking for another pudding pop. He is trying very hard to convince me that he didn't get to eat his. Uh huh.
Of course, after they take baths, they're not so bad. They do cute things like play Candyland and wear cats as headgear. I suppose I'll keep them. Not that I have a choice. There's only a two-week return policy on them, from what I hear, and they don't start smelling like wet dog until they're at least two years old. By then it's too late.

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Anonymous said...

I think I can leave comments now. Those are the cutest boys in the world. MA T