Saturday, April 5, 2008

Posts I've been meaning to get around to and haven't...

Here are some pictures of Spring Break in Hico with Halcyon and her family! There are many more adorable pictures that I would like to post, but when I try to flip them the right way, my computer keeps making veiled threats about "permanently destroying images". Either my computer is evil or I don't know how to use it. Could be either. So, above you see my boys at the Texas border. This was Timothy's first trip to Texas.

As you can clearly see by this picture, Halcyon and I have a lot of kids between us. Ok, ok, she gets most of the credit for this, but in my defense, mine tend to be far noisier and more rambunctious than all of hers combined. There are no pictures of Deet, so you'll have to imagine him off to the left of the above photo. I have the picture, but it's sideways.
The kids enjoyed the playground a lot. It was one of those great, old-fashioned playgrounds that still has a merry-go-round! Why the fuddy-duddies these days think it's not ok for kids to spin in circles until they are sick, and occasionally fly off and/or get dragged by the toy, I'll never know! My kids thought it was the most fun they'd had in a long time!

Here is a picture of my boys plus Miss Sophie. She is so very adorable, I had an evil plan to hide her in my duffel bag and sneak her out of the house when I left. Unfortunately, Halcyon knows me very well and kept all girl children small enough to fit in my duffel hidden until I was all loaded up and ready to go.

Here are Gabby and Timothy in the recliner. Timothy liked Gabby a lot. Since she is a very experienced big sister, she didn't seem to mind.

Last, but not least, here is Turkish the cat. He enjoyed Gabe's sleeping bag a lot. He also enjoyed a certain sock monkey, even more than he enjoyed Gabe's sleeping bag. However, since I haven't figured out how to post video yet, that's one incriminating video that won't be seen today.

So, these pictures show the kid section of the trip. What they do not show is the fun Halcyon and I had after the kids went to bed, watching silly movies, talking about old times, knitting up a storm and cooking yummy things. Again, she gets the credit for the cooking. When I cook, things tend to explode. Anyway, a good time was had by all. I miss you, Halcy! Should we make this Spring Break thing an annual event?


Halcyon said...

Absolutely! Although next year may find all six of us crammed into a two bedroom apartment down in the Hill Country, so y'all might have to camp on the lawn. But hey, roughing it is fun, right? By then I might be ready to join you out there. ;o)

Loved the pictures! And was relieved to see none of me in there! :-P

Miss you!


Lista said...

Hey, we might be able to earn a Scout badge if we camp out on the lawn! Multi-tasking at its finest!

No pics of you. Somehow, I ended up with NONE of you. You are one sneaky gal! Miss you muchly!