Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As my brain cell gently weeps...

Nope, unfortunately that wasn't a typo. I have but one brain cell left, and it's very lonely. I'm discovering that my recent lack of sleep is rendering me...dumb. Conversations around here go something like this:

Me: "Hey, Chris, you know that stuff that's made from milk...?"

Chris: "Butter?"

Me: "No, it's moldy..."

Chris (incredulously): "You mean cheese?"

Me: "Yeah, that's it!"

Chris: "What about it?"

Me: "Nothing, I'm making the grocery list and I couldn't remember what it was called."

The question I have is this: When I get some sleep, will my brain cells return? Could they be on vacation? And if the one remaining one leaves me a "Dear 'Lista" letter in the meantime, will I suddenly become blissfully happy, unaware of my own lack of a brain? Let us hope so. On either count. Because I don't care if they come back or the last one leaves, as long as I stop walking around feeling this DUMB!


Amy said...

I feel your lack of brain cell activity. Even WITH sleep I still can't remember nouns. I've been searching Google for this phenomenon because it's not the "tip of the tongue" thing as it is... something else (which escapes me now). If our brain cells don't return we can always move to southern California where this wouldn't be noticed. What say you?

Lista said...

I'm up for that. I'm sick of rain, flash floods and tornadoes anyway! Let's move on to a different and exciting new natural disaster!