Thursday, April 24, 2008

I spoke too soon!

Light spring rain it was not!!! Some very loud storms rolled through last night and resulted in none of us getting very much sleep. Of course, lately, sleep has been a little hard to come by around here. Timothy has recently taken to sleeping in the drawer under his bed. At 10 o'clock every night, he gets uncomfortable with the drawer divider in his belly, wakes up and can't figure out where he is, at which point he starts screaming. Since he's not fully awake, it can be difficult to get him out of the drawer!

Last night, at 10 o'clock on the dot, we heard a resounding thud that shook the house. Then we heard screaming. For a change of pace, he actually slept in his bed, but I guess he's out of practice because he fell out. At 11 o'clock, he was finally settled back in. At 12 o'clock, the storms began. We've tried really hard lately to get him to stay in bed during storms. It is Oklahoma, after all, and he's going to have to get used to them eventually. Last night, after the first clap of thunder, I heard a faint but escalating, "oh, no, Oh, No, OH, NO, OOH, NOO, OOOOOHHHHH, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". I gave in and went and got him. We spent a couple of hours snuggling on the couch. Timothy defines "snuggling" as "under the same blanket, sharing the same pillow, with one party thrashing wildly as if he or she were having a seizure". I'll give you one guess who was thrashing. And a hint: It wasn't me.


Brooke said...

JR used to like to sleep in really weird places too... the bath tub, the coffee table, the bar in the kitchen, and so on. Kids are fun. Photos are such a wonderful thing! They provide us with such great tools of torture later in life. :o)

Lista said...

I have to agree. There's a whole file of photos for each child with which I intend to make an album entitled "Pictures I will show your girlfriends". Things like Gabe, age 6, wearing underpants and a cape, pretending to be "Captain Underpants". You should start a file for Sophie! I'm sure when she's a teenager, she'll LOVE the pictures of her as a tubby little baby!