Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strange, exhaustion-induced dreams

Ever since I started commuting to Wichita on Mondays, I have the weirdest dreams on Monday nights. I think it's because I'm so exhausted from getting up at 3am, driving to Wichita, working all day, then driving back. Here are a few examples of what I dream when I'm exhausted:

The first week I went to Wichita, I dreamed that Chris was having an affair. Unfortunately, I didn't remember this dream until late in the day. What resulted was a day of being angry at him for no real reason, and doing a lot of unnecessary shouting. When I remembered the dream midway through the afternoon, I called him at work to apologize and explain. Lucky for me, he understands that it's perfectly normal for members of my family to be mad at their spouses for affairs the spouses had in their dreams. So he was amused. And very apologetic for cheating on me in my dreams. I have a good husband.

Another week, I dreamed that Andrea had a baby without telling any of us. She named the baby "April May" and we all learned about her birth via birth announcements. In my dream, the baby was born between the last day of April and the first day of May. Apparently, there was an in-between day. I thought the name was the prettiest name I'd ever heard, and I was a little jealous that I hadn't thought of it. When I told my sister about this dream, she pointed out that it was a little surprising that she didn't name the baby "Applejuiceorangejuicegrapejuice", like she did the doll she had when we were little. And she promised to tell m
e at least a month in advance if she were going to have any babies. I have a good sister.

Last night, I dreamed I had a mustache just like my father's. Most of you know that my father has a lovely mustache, and has had it since I was a year old, except for a brief and unfortunate interlude when I was eleven, wherein he shaved it and I refused to believe he was really my father until he grew it back. In my dream, I had this mustache, and everyone was trying to talk me into shaving it off for a change of pace, but I didn't want to because I don't like stubble. I can explain the origin of this dream, because right before
bed I was reading "Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit", wherein the main character grows a questionable mustache. And also, a lot of people have given me opinions about what I should do with my hair over the last week or so. Since I still haven't made a decision on my hair, I'm adding a poll to my blog, so you can help me decide. I don't promise to honor the result of the poll, but I'll do my best. And I'm keeping the mustache, no matter what you think!

I have a good Dad!


Eryn said...

Keep the mustache - shave the head! :P

I've been catching up on all the posts I missed during my holiday from the internets, and I've realized our kids are strangely similar.... It's a little scary.

Lista said...

I guess I should've added shave the head to the survey. And hey, it would be far and away the easiest hairstyle to keep up! I think my husband might object, though.

Amy said...

I voted for the layers thing, since to a person with long hair they can seem to be a dramatic change.
I'm also for chopping it off, though, since hair always grows back and short hair in summer can be way more fun (and easy if you're busy).

I yell at people for things they did in my dreams, too. Whoops.