Friday, April 25, 2008

Photography by Timothy

The other day, my camera was missing. Because I know my children well, I checked Timothy's room first. He is a magpie; if he sees it, he steals it. Sure enough, there was my camera, on his dresser. I grabbed it and ran outside to take some pictures of the boys. A couple of hours later, I was inside and decided to look through my pictures to see what I'd gotten that was worth keeping. Directly in front of the pictures I'd taken that afternoon was this:

And this. Hmm...this looks like Timothy's bed. A LOT like Timothy's bed. With no sheets. When did I take that?

When I saw the Elmo slippers, it became obvious that I didn't take these. Because I would've remember taking random shots of a toy barn, a toddler bed with no sheets, and some Elmo slippers, right?

This would appear to be the front of the tv. Someone's been very busy with my camera!

Following in the footsteps of his Aunt Dre, photographer extraordinaire, Timothy had decided to do some artistic shots. For effect. Or would it be affect? I never could keep that straight.

Anyway, at various points on my camera's memory card, I found over a hundred pictures taken by Timothy. A friend has suggested having some of them blown up and framed for his bedroom. I just might. (Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, there are normally sheets on that bed. It must've been a Thursday, laundry day, when he stole my camera. I feel the need to say this because it's bugging me that someone might think I'm a bad Mom who makes her kids sleep on bare mattresses. And, in case anyone is wondering, I seem unable to type "sheets" today, and I keep typing "sheeps" instead. This could be because Timothy is standing beside me yelling "SHEEPSHEEPSHEEPSHEEPSHEEPSHEEP" for absolutely no apparent reason. Or I could just be weird.)

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