Monday, April 28, 2008

One of the oddest phone calls I've ever made...

Tonight, on the way home from Wichita, I had to make a very odd phone call. Two, actually. The first was to Chris. It went something like this:

Me: "Hey, Honey, who would you call, hypothetically speaking, if you noticed a cow standing in the middle of the highway?"

Chris: ...(long pause) "I guess you'd need to call "*55" for Highway Patrol."

Me: "Do Highway Patrol officers pick up rogue cows?"

Chris: "No, but they do know who to call to get them picked up." ...(another long pause)... "We're not really talking hypothetical, are we?"

Me: "Nope, gotta go call the Highway Patrol!"

Chris: (as I'm hanging up) "Do NOT bring the cow home! Did you hear---"

So I called the Highway Patrol hot-line. The dispatcher answered. I explained my conundrum about the cow. She replied with, "Is it brown?" It was, so I assume that she'd seen it too. She said someone was on the way to remove it. It didn't look like it wanted to be removed. I didn't tell her that. Then I hung up and laughed until I nearly hurt myself.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised you didn't stop and try to rescue it yourself. By the way, your eldest son cried this afternoon when I smashed a black widow spider on the driveway. He told me I should have carried it to the street and let it go. I told him to get over it! MAMA T

Shelley said...

I once had to call to say that there were a bunch of goats in the road. The person on dispatch asked me if I was close to a house that was white with a metal roof and a wrap around porch. I said yes, and he asked me to go knock on the door and let Mr. So and so know that his goats were out again. A little old man came to the door, I told him, he thanked me and hollered to his wife that he was going to fetch the goats. I left shaking my head. Life in the South.

Lista said...

Mom, I thought about it but it wouldn't have fit in my car. And for the record, Gabe knows it's ok to kill venomous spiders. He must've been having a day.

Shelley, thanks for commenting! If it had been a goat or a sheep (or a herd of them) I'm ashamed to say I would've stolen it for my urban farm. May I ask how you found me? Oh, and congrats on saving a whole herd of lives from a sad death on the road! I'm sure Mr. So was grateful!