Sunday, May 11, 2008


So many of the others that share my house have no dignity. None, whatsoever. For instance, Moses doesn't seem to mind at all when Timothy makes him wear sunglasses. Cats should have more dignity than that.

Then there's Timothy. He got new shoes and he's very proud of them. So proud, in fact, that he likes to wear them all the time. Even if he's not wearing anything else. To be honest, you can't really expect him to have much dignity. He's only three, after all.

Sometimes, however, I can't help but think he's doing it on purpose. Like last week, when he showed up wearing my shoes and socks. The socks kind of look like lederhosen, don't they? Or possibly furry legs.

This is Moses lying on my bed. I don't want to know how he ended up like this. But I'm sure however it happened, it was undignified.

Here's another undignified tummy. This is Miss Mouse. She's experiencing some psychological problems and is pulling out her hair. I saw a special on this disorder on 20/20 and made her watch it, hoping to help her realize that she has a problem. It didn't work. Our vet suggested kitty prozac. He also suggested that might be more trouble than it's worth, since she doesn't seem to mind being bald. Oh, and if you're wondering, she's on top of my pattern book and yarn on my lap. This is why I'm so slow at crochet and knit projects.

Finally, as undignified tummies go, this one takes the cake. Chris was supposed to be overseeing Timothy's attempts to pick up his room before bed. It seemed like it was taking a REALLY long time, so I went to investigate. This is what I found. Remarkably, the room was clean and Timothy was playing happily.

If Chris sees this picture of himself on my blog, he's not going to be very happy with me. Please don't tell him it's here!


april said...

I like how Chris has a toy in each hand and a hanger between his arm and belly. You should print this large and have it hanging in the living room when he gets home from work one day!

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

i think perhaps a steamroller lies dormant under your bed. moses is quite flat. or perhaps chris was lying on moses right before he went to "supervise" timothy. this is how i picture justin if we decide to have kids.

Andrea said...

this picture makes me uncomfortable...

AtomiK Kitten said...

The last photo is a little creepy... I think the cat on its back is an Oklahoma thing. I have a cat that does it too.

BTW - I hooked up to you on ravelry (I am on there as practicalchick). I live in Norman.

Lista said...

April, I would but I'd like him to CONTINUE to come home from work each day. Seriously, he's so self-conscious about his hair, he'd kill me if he knew I posted this. Or took it, for that matter!

Beth, Moses IS a flat cat. You have to come see him. He's bizarre.

Dre, I'm sorry you're uncomfortable. Not that sorry, though.

Atomik kitten, thanks for you comment! Welcome to the weird world of my blog. All my cats sleep like that. I've been trying to get a picture of all five of the permanent kitties lined up down the hall on their backs, but they always move. I'd like to title it "Speed Bumps".