Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

I am speaking of spring, of course! Have I mentioned that I love spring? It's as if the world were trying to apologize for all the mean things it did to us during the winter. Believe me, after last winter's ice storm, it owes us one! First: Wild roses. I planted these seven years ago. I've tried for the past six years to get rid of them. They're the spiniest, spikiest things you've ever seen in your life. But they are lovely when the bloom! They grow all over the place in Oklahoma, and supposedly, they were brought in by the early settlers' wives. The rose that is strong enough to survive a covered wagon ride across country isn't going to be discouraged by a little thing like being dug up by me each and every year!
Second: Irises. These were transplanted from my mom's childhood home, on a farm in Missouri. She and my grandma planted them, and years later, went back to dig some up. The farm house is now in a sad state, abandoned and falling to ruin, but the irises will certainly outlive it. Isn't it funny that my family passes down flowers as heirlooms? I'd rather have these than jewels, anyway!

I truly wish I could figure out a way to add smell to my blog. These smell heavenly!

Despite all my complaints about how tiny my house is, it IS a cute little house. It's not a bad little house, Charlie Brown! It just needs a little love! (And maybe an extra thousand square feet!)

Ok, I know this doesn't look like much. These are the seedlings I planted a few weeks back. If you look closely, you'll see...purple basil! Ta Da! Every day when I check on my seedlings, I feel like I'm getting a little present. It's so exciting to watch them grow. I'm such a DORK!

Because I'm weird and a little obsessed with having a wreath for every occasion, I felt the need to come up with a "live" wreath for this spring. Each and every morning finds me watering my front door. I'm not sure whether I should be impressed with myself, or a little scared for my own sanity. I'm pretty sure I know which of these options my neighbors choose when they see me watering my door. I'm assuming you can't see the lettuce growing from the street.

Last, but not least, there are my peonies. This is only the third year that they've bloomed, and I can't help but think they're gorgeous. The bees all agree with me. Right before they bloomed, I was mesmerized by the site of a huge bumblebee hovering patiently over a bud, waiting for it to open. There were other flowers all around him, but he wanted this one. Really, can you blame him?


Christina said...

Between your crazy commute, two little boys and a gazillion cats, how do you find time to do gardening? Feel free to come help me with some flowers! My beds are a disaster, but yours, my dear, are beautiful! I'll bet it's even more pretty in person.

Lista said...

I've trained the cats to pull weeds. No, really, everything is horribly weedy. We just whack down all the bad stuff and let the good stuff grow. Which is why so much of what I plant is in pots! I hope everyone read that correctly! What I plant is IN pots. Emphasis on IN!

Andrea said...

I'm sorry to tell you this but they tore down the farm house. Its very sad to me. Makes me want to cry. I can remember going out there and seeing mom cry so it makes me sad for her.

Anonymous said...

More tears! It's so nice that the irises have survived. I picked many from Mom's yard last week and took them inside for her to see. I nearly got teary every time seeing her in the shape she's in. I hope the flowers brought back as many good memories to her as they did to me.
Ma T