Friday, January 2, 2009

Drowning in pictures...

I finally dumped the camera card, and was a bit shocked to realize how long it's been since I've added any pictures. More shocking still was how many pictures we've taken since late August. Ah, the digital age. Remember how we used to be careful about how many pictures we took? Worried about wasting film? Those days are gone! I figured I'd better start with recent shots and go back before time gets away from me. So without any further ado...Christmas doings.

Timothy REALLY enjoyed decorating the tree this year. Moses really enjoyed undecorating it. Such is life.

Here it is! Somehow, we missed an entire box of ornaments. By the time I found them, there was no room left on the tree. We have a lot of ornaments.

We were late getting in to see Santa this year, and Timothy talked of little else for at least two weeks. He was so excited to sit on Santa's lap. And yet, you'll notice where he's sitting. Uh huh. Santa in person was a lot scarier than Santa in his imagination, it seems.

We did get around to making some Christmas cookies. Gabe really enjoyed the whole process, and is old enough to be very helpful, and make some fun cookies.

Timothy, on the other hand, had only one point of interest. Eating the cookies was his top priority. He cried when we put the dough in the oven. Said he didn't want his cookies hot!

He decorated exactly one cookie, and as soon as he was done dumping sprinkles, he ate it.

Gabe helped me decorate the rest. He did a great job. I'm still finding sprinkles all over the house.


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Anonymous said...

Awww...Good to see the pictures. We miss you all so much and can hardly wait to get home. Sunday.
Love, MOM