Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was quiet and peaceful. The mail came late, so at about sundown, the boys received a mysterious package from Norway! My dear friend, Elin (itisalwaysraining from Ravelry), had sent them a package of treats from Norway and Sweden. There were LOTS of sweets for them to sample. They are still enjoying them! She also sent me some wonderful alpaca yarn, and a sample of her beetroot dyed yarn! It was a great surprise for the boys, and so exciting that it arrived on Christmas Eve!

Both boys really enjoyed the little gummy monkeys. Gabe was really fascinated by the languages on the wrappers of the candy.

"I don't know what this is, but if it's candy, I LIKE IT!"

"Mmmmm! Chocolate!"

Timothy is such a clown! My friend, Nichole, gave him a Santa Clause Mr. Potato Head. Here he is modeling the beard and lips. We weren't sure whether he looked more like Santa...or Hannibal Lector!

We always let the kids open a gift before bed on Christmas Eve. This year, I was suprised by a gift for ME! Chris wrapped it REALLY well, so it took me a long time to open it. It was new pajamas! Thanks, Mom!

One of my Christmas projects was to make all three of my boys pajama pants. OK, Mom helped. If you must know, she helped a lot. So now it makes sense why she got me pajamas, too! She already knew I was going to have the boys open theirs on Christmas Eve. Here's Gabe opening his.

...And Chris, opening his!

And Timothy! (The boys had just gotten out of the shower, thus the wet hair, and in Timothy's case, lack of clothing!)

My men.

Timothy decorated an Advent calendar at school and enjoyed putting a numbered sticker on it every night. Now he can't count to 25!

He also made "reindeer feed" to put on the lawn. It was oats and glitter, mixed together. The oats were for the reindeer to eat, and the glitter was to make a sparkly runway for Santa so he would be sure and stop.

Timothy was pretty excited about sprinkling it all over the front yard.

Not to worry, I know it looks cold, but it was actually a very mild evening.

A little help from Daddy.

I'll refrain from posting the video of Chris locking me out on the porch and making me dance to get back inside.

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