Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was very exciting for the boys. Timothy had asked Santa for a real camera and a fishing pole. He got both, although the fishing pole was part of a fishing game. He was thrilled. At some point, I may have to post his view of Christmas. I'll warn you, though, it includes mostly pictures taken up peoples' noses, or rear views of anyone who dared bend over in his vicinity.

Gabe asked Santa for an aquarium and a hammer. We sincerely hope he doesn't plan to use them together.

Gabe got a letter from Santa, which included a gift card to the pet store, so he could fill his aquarium with fish.

Timothy LOVES this game. He's getting pretty good at it, too. His favorite thing is to catch the fish and then brush their teeth for them. I have strange kids.

Catch of the day!

More presents!

Love those happy faces!

After presents, it was time to head to Mama T and Popple's house for...MORE PRESENTS!

Gabe got stilts! This provided entertainment for everyone. Even dad got up on them. Not to worry, there were no holiday visits to the ER. Gabe is a little shocked to find out that I used to be pretty good on stilts when I was a kid. I must be getting old.

Here's Aaron, in the hat that I made for him.

And Patrick and Dre! Dre's trying on the Lace Scarf of Doom that I made for her. OK, Doom may be putting it a little strongly. It came out fine. And hey, I learned lots about lace!

I know, I know, small children shouldn't be allowed to play with plastic bags. He was being closely supervised. The blocks are one of Timothy's favorite gifts. He's been building all kinds of fantastic things with them.

Gabe got some legos. He's been collecting the Indiana Jones set. It didn't take him very long to get the whole thing put together.

Yet again, I somehow managed to avoid the camera. But we ALL had a very nice Christmas, and received great gifts. I got some new knitting books that I've been wanting, and lots of lotion and bath stuff in my favorite scent. I also got pig socks. I'll have to take a picture of them. They make me laugh. Chris got some of the nicest kitchen knives I've ever seen. He's been practically giddy about cooking dinner lately. If you hear manly giggles coming from the kitchen, it's probably just him dicing some potatoes or something!

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ktb38 said...

It looks like you a great christmas! I love the pjs you made!