Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm living in the movie "Please Don't Eat the Daisies"!

I'm so far behind on blogging, I'm not sure I'll ever catch up. It would help if I would remember to dump the camera card. It would help if I didn't have children who interrupted every aspect of everything I do. Then again, if it wasn't for that, what would I write about? So, here's what's coming soon to a blog near you:

Scout Camp
Fourth of July
Random nonsense of the summer

In the meantime, I felt that I should tell everyone about the kind of day I had. Timothy played outside today, and he brought me a large bunch of clover flowers. He also brought me dirt, rocks, a watering can he filled in the dog's water bowl, and a cat. Luckily, it was our cat. Anyway, as Timothy is apt to do, he repossessed the flowers shortly after he gave them to me. I didn't pay too much attention. Guess I should have. He came out of his room later and announced that he had eaten all the flowers. I said he hadn't. He said he had too. He opened his mouth and showed me. There were little bits of flower stuck in his teeth. Thankfully, clover flowers are not toxic. I didn't want to have to call poison control. Again.

While Timothy and I were having this fascinating conversation, Chris was in the background, trying to figure out what was wrong with the VCR. It was making a horrible moaning noise when tapes were rewinding. It was also devouring the tapes. After an hour or so of fiddling with it, he figured out the problem. Someone had shoved a tube of liquid graphite into it. VCRs don't care for liquid graphite. But, as my mom pointed out, better this than shoving flowers in the VCR and eating the liquid graphite. THAT would've certainly required a call to Poison Control. Again.

Lastly, after fixing the VCR, Chris decided to figure out why the DVD player wasn't working, either. He informs me that DVD players don't work very well when they have three DVDs in them at once. You learn something new every day.


Knit Witch said...

Wow. Having small kids is SO MUCH FUN! Yeah, I'm so sorry my kid is 18 now...............NOT!!!!!! Just think - only about 15 more years of this nonsense, right???? :)

Lista said...

Correction: Only three and a half years until the eldest is old enough to babysit!