Friday, July 18, 2008

100th Post Quandry...

I haven't posted anything these last few days because this is my 100th post, and I wanted it to be special. I've thought long and hard about my options. I've seen lots of people do 100 facts about themselves to celebrate their 100th blog. That was my original plan...but then I realized that I have children who tend to run amok when I'm distracted, and that it would take me far too long to think up 100 interesting things about me. No telling what could happen in that amount of time! Next, I thought I might go back through my pictures and pull some of my favorites. It turns out that I have a LOT of favorite pictures. I just couldn't narrow it down. Then I thought I'd do something sweet and sentimental. Hahahahahahaha, I'm just kidding. Finally, I overheard a conversation taking place in my back yard yesterday, and I just knew it was the perfect post for this momentous occasion. It was between my eldest son and his buddy from next door. It perfectly represents life as I know it. Here it is:

Gabe's friend: "I have to pee. Are we allowed to pee out here?"
Gabe: "Yeah, sure."
Gabe's friend: "Where should I do it?"
Gabe: "Anywhere you want."
Gabe's friend: "Are you sure your mom won't care?"
Gabe: "Nah, she lets the dog pee out here all the time!"

I didn't intervene, in case you were wondering. I probably should have, but there are some things best left alone. Some points best left unpondered. Like why I found a single, cooked black bean in the shower this morning. I've just resigned myself to not having all the answers all the time.


Anonymous said...

One time when we lived in a second floor apartment, I came in from work one day to find my bathtub filled with stinky dirty water and spaghetti. Ponder that one!
(Before you were born)

Lista said...

I'm really not sure I want to! That is too disgusting for words!

Knit Witch said...

Haha!! That's funny. I don't think the men folk ever outgrow that either. I walked up the driveway from getting the mail today and Mr. Man had it whipped out in the yard peeing! I'm like.........uh - we HAVE indoor plumbing ya know. I think it just makes them feel manly or something. Who the hell knows.