Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fourth of July and Timothy's First Fish

I'm making progress in the catch-up process. I'm up to the Fourth of July! We started out the day with some fishing and a picnic at the park. We didn't have any real plans, so it was kind of a fly by the seat of your pants holiday. Here we see Gabe, having some fried chicken and fries.

Timothy reeled in his first fish, with a little help from Chris!

Almost got it! Keep reeling!

Look, a FISH!!! Since Timothy's vision isn't great, it's always exciting to watch him experience things for the first time. I know he knows what a fish is, theoretically, but this is his first real, live sighting!

Timothy's wasn't the only catch of the day! I think everyone but me ended up catching something. I was too busy making sure Timothy didn't wind up in the lake this time. I failed to mention in the Scout Camp post that the Sunday before camp, when Chris and the boys went out to Camp Russell to help with set up, Timothy managed to fall in the lake, right in the middle of a muddy, shallow spot that was full of slime and weeds. He's very proud of this fact. It seems to have been the high point in his summer thus far.

Because we didn't have official plans, we decided to go to the Drillers game and watch the fireworks afterwards. Because we've already wrestled our children through one baseball game this summer, we opted to go late. We arrived at the bottom of the 6th inning. It turned out to be the perfect time to arrive. We kept the kids busy and happy with LOTS of snacks. Here's Timothy, experiencing his first cotton candy!

Gabe's an old pro with cotton candy. Don't his eyes just scream "SUGAR HIGH"?

What trip to the ballpark would be complete without Cracker Jacks? They turned out to be even bigger a hit than the cotton candy was with Timothy!

The game ended with an incredibly exciting play and a close win by the Drillers. The crowd was on its feet for a dramatic slide into home plate! Then, after a few minutes of set up, it was time for fireworks. My camera never does well with low light pictures, so I just sat back and enjoyed the show. We all had a fantastic time! Can't you tell?

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