Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gosh Oh Golly Gee...

It's hot. That's no excuse for not updating my blog, but we're not doing anything other than sitting around trying to stay cool. We've been swimming a few times. I keep forgetting to take my disposable water camera, so I can finish off the film that's in it. Then I would have pictures to post. Alas, I have no brain.

So, things that I need to take pictures of and post on my blog:

1. The garden. A lot of stuff got eaten by a horde of tiny green worms, but I do have cherry tomatoes galore. They're not ripe yet, but they will be soon. And the basil is lovely.

2. My first attempts with a drop spindle. Some of what I'm making is starting to closely resemble yarn, albeit very ugly yarn.

3. Timothy swimming. I need to get video of that.

In other news, the Pilates studio is done (more or less) and we are moved in, so I once again have equipment and am going to be booking equipment lessons soon! Yeah!!! Our new studio is gorgeous! If you're interested in coming to see it, I have a few cards left entitling the holder to a free class! So, sorry for the boring blog for today, but hopefully, publicly posting my to-do list will spur me to actually DO something about it! For now, I'm off to practice my spinning!


Christina said...

Do you fly people in for a free class?

ktb38 said...

I'm sure your yarn will look great in no time!

emmms said...

DUDE! I've tagged you. (Did I already tell you that? No? I tagged you!)

ktb38 said...

I tagged you!
(and I just saw emmus did too, Oh well!)