Sunday, June 8, 2008


Since it's been so long since I've added any new pictures, I thought I'd start with some random miscellaneous ones. In no particular order...Chris and Timothy on the porch. No idea what's up with Timothy's eyes in this picture! I couldn't see that they were rolled back in his head in the teeny little screen on the camera.

Next, we have Gabe and Boris. Oh, the indignity of it all! About half a second after this picture was taken, a Nerf football landed squarely on the hood of my car, causing Boris to launch himself about ten feet up in the air out of pure shock. He landed casually and went back to licking himself. THAT is the picture series I wish I had.

I promise, we did eventually mow, but this little field of clover is proof positive that I'm rubbing off on my husband. Every year, we have such a lovely crop of clover in April and May, that I beg him not to mow it. It smells wonderful, and sometimes in the full moon, I like to go out and roll in it like a dog. Don't tell anyone that, ok? Anyway, this year he didn't mow. And he commented that he was getting a little attached to our clover field. Then a homeless guy came knocking on the door, offering to mow our lawn. Chris took the hint and mowed down the clover.

Here are my hollyhocks. I love them. So do the bees.

These are my other hollyhocks. The bees and I love the pink ones, too.

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