Monday, June 9, 2008

A little lesson in genetics: Amy's wedding rehearsal

I'm back, posting in illogical order, as promised. Here are a few shots of Amy's and Matt's wedding rehearsal. Nobody remembered to take any pictures of my wedding rehearsal (which is too bad, since the florist and the church's wedding coordinator almost got into a fist fight!) so I was determined to make sure Amy got some pictures of her rehearsal. Looking at these pictures caused me to ponder genetics. You'll see why in a moment. First, here is Amy. She is adorable, as you can see.

Next, ,we see Matt. He, too, is a good-looking human being. His groomsmen look considerably happier than he does here, but I think he was just perplexed at why I was taking pictures of him every three seconds.

These lovely people are Amy's parents (and just a teeny little bit of her cousin!). Amy's family is a lot of fun. Nice, normal people, all of them. I like them.

Now we see Matt's parents. You probably already figured that out by the fact that Matt looks exactly like his dad. Again, great people. Admittedly, Betty does have rather an odd look on her face here, but in all fairness, I wasn't warning people before I took pictures. Still, pretty normal couple, wouldn't you say?

Here are Raymond and myself, practicing our walk down the aisle. Raymond is Matt's brother. He is a great guy. I had a good time talking to him.

Now we see my dad, explaining the procedures to everyone. I believe here, he was telling Matt and James that at this point in the wedding ceremony, the dowry would change hands. I was hoping it was going to be sheep, but all anyone could produce was about $0.37. I think you'll all agree that this is NOT a normal thing for the officiant to put into the ceremony.

Here we see the happy couple, wonderful people who were produced by two other happy couples, also made up of wonderful people. Good genetics at work.

Someday in the very distant future, this happy couple will probably pool their genes and produce more adorable, wonderful people. VERY distance future, I'd say, since they have done a little babysitting for me lately, and that tends to be a 10-year birth control plan.

Here I am again, with Raymond, and my fellow bridesmaids in the background. Note that I have a stupid look on my face in both pictures. Also note that I had passed the camera off to Mom at this point, so she could get a different perspective. I am not normal. I have often wondered how that happened.

So again, cute, normal parents produce cute, normal children. Everyone with me? Much later, I got my camera back from Mom and decided to take a look at the pictures. And lo and behold, here is what I found among all the pictures of nice, normal gene pools...

This is my father. He is in my gene pool.

This is, apparently, what he does as the wedding officiant, when nobody is looking. I wouldn't call this normal.

...And here he is with the other half of my genetic code, my lovely mother. Nobody's accused her of being normal, either. At least, not since she married my father.

I'm thinking this could explain a LOT.

Oh, and just in case anyone wondered, Dad's shirt reads, "I'm sick of being my wife's arm candy".


Andrea said...

I have never laughed so hard at a blog post! I had a feeling the post might be headed in that direction though. Seriously hilarious!

Jeff & Abbey said...

ha ha! That is hilarious! Great story!!!

Christina said...

Ahahahh. You crack me up. Just remember though, the good usually outweighs the bad. I'm pretty sure those genetics gave you your great sense of humor!

AuntieJimbo said...

Aw, this made me so happy! I totally dig your parents. Next time JungleJim and I get married, i totally want your dad to marry us!

Lista said...

Aw, thanks, AuntieJimbo! They're pretty cool, and I think I'll keep them (not that I have a choice!). Dad does a pretty fantastic wedding. I highly recommend him!

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

i JUST realized how much gabe looks like your dad. i'm sure he's bound to inherit the marler sense of humor. maybe the marler "modeling abilities" as well. wait, i bet he's got that down, what am i talking about?