Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Houston pictures (finally!)

Ok, here it is...the moment you've all been waiting for. The moment you've waited for so long, you've forgotten why you were waiting in the first place! Let us start the tour. Exhibit A: Birds that did not poop on me. These are flamingos at the zoo.

The strangest things amuse me. Giraffe fanny. In a window. Why isn't
this window higher?? It is, after all, a giraffe barn!
This is a little park across from where Chris was training. The fountains were a little mesmerizing. We're pretty sure they were set to music that we couldn't hear, because they kept changing patterns all the time. We tried humming along, but none of the tunes we could think of fit the pattern. Maybe the fountains were into heavy metal or something.
Dinner at a very nice Brazilian steakhouse! Well worth the large bill. Not that we were paying for most of it! Thanks, Bank of America!
This park was the site of the infamous bird pooping incidents. Plural. This could only happen to me. Or possibly my father.

Sam Houston! See, the birds left him alone! And he's a statue!
Another good birdie who didn't poop on me. I should've devoted an entire blog to birds that didn't poop on me.
Ok, it's sideways. But it's a bluebonnet. The first bluebonnet I've seen in...twelve years? More or less. So you'll just have to turn your head sideways to enjoy this one.

Denea and me in Old Town Spring.

Chris and me at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Barbecue cook-off. We happened to meet one of the teams in our hotel, and it resulted in a night of barbecue. And margaritas. And tequila. Never try to keep up with Javier when it comes to the consumption of tequila. Trust me on this one!
Still sideways, but this one is well worth the crick you're going to get in your neck. All the tents were required to post occupancy. This one chose an odd place to post it. After I took a picture, it suddenly drew a crowd. Then a drunken cowboy felt the need to tell me that we could probably fit 86 Mexicans in there. In front of Javier. The look on his face when he noticed Javier (and how could he not, because Javier is a good-sized guy) was priceless. I wish I'd had the nerve to take a picture of it. Lucky for the drunken cowboy, Javier is good natured and well aware of the jokes us white folks make about his race.
And, speak of the handsome devil, here's our dear friend Javier, with Kathy, the team member who got us into the party tent! She liked Javier a lot. Who can blame her?
Galveston, on our last day in Texas. There were lots of birds. None of them pooped on me. Chris was disappointed, since he wasn't with me the day that three of 'em got me.

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?
They were thinking about it. You can tell by the smug smirks on their beaks.

Bishop's Palace. We toured it. We're thinking of buying it for a summer home. What do you think?
The ocean was really choppy. In fact, a wave washed right over me shortly before I took this picture. See the teeny tiny yellow car off in the distance? Hi, Tweety!
So there you have it. Our trip to Houston. And it only took me a month to post these pictures. Halybird, you can expect pics of my trip to see you in...say about three more weeks! And considering the craziness that is my life, a month behind really isn't bad. I'm six years behind on my scrapbook, and the knitting projects are stacked sky high in my bedroom. So see, you people are my priority!


Kari-On said...

Thanks for your comment! I didn't get the MMR today, but I plan to in the future.
How are you doing? Its so good to see your pictures and hear your news. Keep posting.

Christina said...

Your comments crack me up. You should start doing CM's computer scrapbooking--then you could get it all done at once!
Glad you had a good trip. Did everything look different than you remembered it? Everytime I visit "home" I always think, "man, this place looks weird."