Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Festivities...

My modem has once again condescended to do a little work for me, so here are the Easter highlights:

Dying eggs. This was Timothy's first year to participate, and it was with great fear and trepidation that we let him anywhere near the dye. For further explanation, see "Timothy Joins the Blue Man Group". However, he did very well, and the only disasters were minor and in the form a few smashed eggs that he threw into the dye a little too hard. Blue egg salad, anyone?

I, have crazy eyes in this picture. No idea why. But since this is the only picture of me I figured it should be included. For posterity. If posterity reads my blog.

Gabe often reminds us of "Little Orphan Annie" cartoons. Poor kid, there's such a glare on his glasses that you can hardly tell he has eyes.

Timothy decorated his eggs with Sesame Street stickers. Then he peeled them all off and stuck them all over the house.

Chris looks amused. Timothy looks cheesy. What I'm saying is that this picture is very true-to-life.

Easter morning! I have to share that when the boys came out of their rooms, they found empty baskets (we like to make them work for their candy) and Timothy was confused by this. "Where are my eggs?" he asked. "You have to find them," sez Chris. Off Timothy ran to the kitchen. He flung open the fridge and yelled, "I found them!" Yes, we have the weird kid that would rather eat hard boiled eggs than candy. Ok, not once he discovered the plastic eggs filled with candy, but he still ate a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Shudder.

"Look, an egg!"

Gabe's favorite thing in his Easter basket was another book in the "Series of Unfortunate Events". Well, that and a plastic cow that poops brown jelly beans when you push down on its back. Yes, it's disturbing, but I can't complain because I'm the one who bought it!

Eating Peeps! A child after my own heart!

Quick, take a picture before someone gets candy on their Easter clothes! Here we are, at Mom and Dad's right after church.

Time to hunt more eggs! We went a little overboard this year...I think there were about 10 dozen eggs total. And only four kids to hunt them!

I feel bad that there aren't more pictures of Gabe on this blog. Truth be told, I tend to take them vertically, since he's now so tall, and I can't figure out how to flip them so they're not sideways. Anyway, here he is right off the starting line, ready to find some eggs!

Gabe and Lane, trying to balance their baskets of loot.

This cracked me up. Timothy's rollerblades were right by the back door. All four kids ran straight by them and never found the eggs hiding inside!


Amy said...

Hey, you guys aren't disgustingly matchy-matchy! The color scheme is the same, but hey - there's some variety.

Did you guys find anything unusual during the egg hunt that wasn't an egg? (I was always the lucky kid who'd find the gross stuff, like year-old bananas under the couch.)
I never thought of looking in the fridge, though. Again, your children frighten me (in an adorablely scary way).

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

yeah, we had far too many eggs and too few children as well. Oh well, it was still fun for them. By the way, I totally feel your pain on the glasses glare! I'm always telling my punk to take her glasses off during pictures, but then I feel bad cause she goes cross eyed.

Ok, pilates teacher - tell me how to get a larger ass! Please!!!

Josh and Brooke said...

I used to have a cow like that! It cracked me.

I noticed that Timothy wasn't allowed clothing during the egg-dying experience. Smart.

Lista said...

Amy: They frighten me too. Today they colored the cat with sidewalk chalk. I'll post the pics later on.

DPH: We have the eye-cross thing goin' on, too. With both kids. It's fun. Side leg series will plump up the ol' hiney. Or try standing in turnout (like ballet 1st position) and squeezing your posterior 50 times each day. Worked for me! :o)

Brooke: Timothy is also required to eat anything with marinara in the buff. Someday soon you'll understand just how much laundry that saves!

Christina said...

Okay, now I must recant my comment on Amys blog. Your "matching" Easter outfits are very tasteful. Let's call them "coordinating" outfits, so as not to confuse my simple mind. I was imagine you all in robins egg blue pintucked blouses. Hehhehe.
Looks like the boys had a good Easter! I'm a little surprised that no cats got dyed! That would be very festive. Next year you should dye cats, not eggs.

Lista said...

Unfortunately, cats DID get dyed. It happened the next day. With sidewalk chalk. I'll post picture.