Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cake Lamentations

Oh, Lord, why didst Thou lead me out into this wilderness of Wilton character pans and decorating tips? Why didst Thou resign me to multi-colored fingers and icing stained counter tops? Why did I give birth to my firstborn son in the month of February? And why doth he insist on a complicated cake each year since?

Why didst Thou then allow me to fall in love with and marry a wonderful man, whose birth also happened in the ill-timed month of February? Most of all, why was I born a competitive first child, doomed to walk the earth in search of ways to outdo all the other wives and mothers when it comes to birthday? Why was I allowed to run out of icing at midnight, and have to scrap the whole idea of making a fantastic Greenbay Packers cake (after having made an Elmo cake already that night...bear with me, folks, there's no good way to order this lament!)

Why, oh why didst Thou allow my wonderful husband and me to suddenly lack the ability to count to nine, and thus give birth to a second son, also born in February, two days after his father? Why is he obsessed with Elmo, and insistent upon having an Elmo cake?

When will I be rewarded for my toils? Oh, Lord, when I look upon my second born, covered in red icing, I am reminded of why I toil upon the earth! Look at that face! Even though Thou hast delivered me into a wilderness of Wilton, I am blessed with icing-covered children!

Ok, here's the story. Gabe wanted a race car cake this year, and I was thrilled. I already own the pan, and have made that particular cake many times. Unfortunately, the night before his birthday I realized that the pan had been swallowed in the black hole that hides in our house, waiting to swallow items forever. That resulted in a last-minute trip to Hobby Lobby for a newer and more complex race car cake pan. Which I finished moments before it was time to leave for his party. Then, since Chris and Timothy have birthdays two days apart and Chris and I were leaving for Houston on Timothy's birthday, we decided to combine their celebrations and split the difference. This left me with the task of making two cakes in one night. Timothy's came first. Unfortunately, I didn't finish it until almost midnight, and by then was too tired and sticky to make another complicated cake. So Chris got an ugly cake. It still tasted good, and once it was on fire, you couldn't really tell it was ugly.


Amy said...

My head is dizzy from all the bright colors. Those are quite awesome cakes! You have my sympathy about the multiple birthdays in one month (my family has 3 in April, not counting extended family). Thank the Lord for blessing us with wine and credit cards to aid in surviving times like these.

Lista said...

Ah, I should've added that to the end of the lament!

Amy said...

Hey, wine is never a lament! It's a blessing in disguise (well... at least until the hangover the next morning)!