Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Eclectic Assortment of Random Pictures

Progress as promised! Here is our life in pictures, minus the trips which I will post separately and soon! First: The Pinewood Derby. We didn't win this year. But we did have one rockin' car!

Next, Chris felt the need to turn both our sons into mini versions of himself one night by blow drying their hair back after their showers. I tried to warn you about the randomness!

And, just in case anyone wondered about the pecking order in our household, I think Moses says it all in this picture. Yes, that is a stuffed dog between his legs. Yes, he put it there without any help. 'Nuff said?

Can anyone deny that this boy is trouble with a capital "T"? He is wearing a diaper in this picture, but you can't see it. Believe me, we don't let him run around naked. Far too dangerous. He seems to have learned a few tricks from the dog!

Miney appears to be getting fatter. This isn't really news, but it amuses me so I thought I'd share.
Finally, I have discovered the joys of cakewaffles. Cake batter, cooked in the waffle iron, covered in chocolate chips and whipped cream! Yuuummmm! Thank you, Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group group for your help in making my life complete! (For non-Ravelers, I realize there are two "groups" there. Not a typo, it's the name of the group. I'm a proud member. Figures, doesn't it?)

So there you have it. You're mostly caught up on my life now. And it totally wasn't worth the wait! That'll teach you to wait in line for things when you haven't seen the trailer!


Amy said...

I'm not sure what frightens me most: the children, the pets, or the food. What on earth is a cakewaffle? Might I venture a guess that it's cake batter... turned into a waffle?

Andrea said...

I love the picture of the boys! Cracks me up! It's like Chris, only cool. haha! j/k Chris!

Christina said...

Ahahhahhhaha. Eehem. Sorry. The hair picture is hilarious. But let us steer our children AWAY from being their dads. Do we really want little '80's boys running around? Trust me, I'm in the same boat here.

Make me a cakewaffle. It looks delicious. Have you tried it with anything other than chocolate cake? I will try it with pumpkin cake, because anything pumpkin is wonderful.

Lista said...

Just chocolate, so far, but I'd like to try some other flavors. I'm thinking of trying blueberry muffin cakewaffles next. You just have to be really careful not to let it burn because if it does, it'll take you a week to scrub it out of the waffle iron!

Amy said...

If your waffle-cakes make me fat(ter) I shall demand free pilates lessons!

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

what, miney, fat...ter? no....