Friday, September 26, 2008

Third Grade Bible Presentation

First off, I just have to start by saying...HOW ON EARTH DO I HAVE A THIRD GRADER??? Wasn't he three last week? Shouldn't he still be in preschool? But no, instead he insisted on growing up and being old enough to be a part of our church's third grade bible presentation. I didn't get many pictures, but they called us all up front and gave the kids their own bible, complete with a card to get their name engraved on it for free at a local store. Then, after the service was over, there was a reception with cake. Here is Gabe, getting the church's sticker put in his bible.

Now, for the really great part! Cake with his buddies. Josh and Logan are both friends from Scouts and fellow third graders. Don't worry, Timothy didn't miss out on the cake! He was on the other side of the table, chowing down with Josh's younger brothers!

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