Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finished projects

I did get a few things accomplished while I was sick. Not many, but a few. Here are some pictures of the baby gifts I completed this past month. First, Baby Evelyn's layette.

Crocheted hat, sweater and booties, size 3-6 months, which will hopefully fit her when it cools off!

And here's Anne Marie's baby shower gift, a pumpkin hat. Her son, Evan, could be arriving any day now. This was my first project to knit "in the round". It was a learning experience. Since then, a new friend has taught me how to magic loop (Thanks, Kat!), so next time it will go a lot more smoothly!


Andrea said...

That punkin hat is adorable. I want one.

Lista said...

I was kind of thinking about trying it in bigger sizes for the boys. Or I could make it red and turn it into an apple hat!

Christina said...

I love the pumpkin hat!! I want to purchase some. Do you knit for profit? My list of things I want you to knit is growing.