Friday, September 26, 2008

Last Fifth Night Concert of the Summer

With summer officially drawing to a close this past Monday, I guess it's high time I finished posting pictures from the summer months. As I mentioned in previous blogs, most Thursday nights of the summer were spent at Utica Square, at the Fifth Night Concerts. We met with a group of friends and everyone brought food to share. Gabe had a couple of school friends who came with their families, so he was pretty well entertained. Timothy is mostly entertained by food. The picture below is an example of the face he makes when he demands to have his picture taken. Someday, I think he will probably regret the large number of pictures of him making this face.

Yes, it has happened again. An actual picture of me on my own blog. That is all I have to say about that.

Since it was the last concert, Nichole splurged on cake balls from Mallory's Mud Pies. Andrea has mentioned these little bits of cakey goodness on her blog, and they are every bit as good as she says they are. Chris is trying to perfect the recipe so he can make them at home, but so far, he's succeeded only in making a gooey mess. If he does succeed, we'll all gain 50 pounds. They are pretty irresistible!

Here is Gabe, with his buddy, Caroline. She is also known as Care-a-lot, because apparently, Timothy has her confused with something from the CareBears DVD. Luckily, she thinks Timothy is cute, so she answers to both.

Have I mentioned that my children are weird?

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Amanda said...

Cake balls are really easy to make! if you haven't googled the recipe yet, just bake a box cake of your choice, when you remove it from the oven dump it in a bowl (yes still warm) and crumbled with fork. Add a container of frosting and mix. Roll into ball and put on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and pt in freezer for a couple hours. Dip in melted confectioner's coating and let dry or put in fridge. :) I've made them many times and will be posting Oreo Truffles today. Enjoy!