Thursday, September 4, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...

So many of my favorite images from the last month cannot be categorized in any logical fashion. I decided that I needed a truly random blog post to put them all together. Try to think of it as that dumb essay that every teacher assigned the first week of school.

First, it should be understood that a lot of my time is spent rescuing my children and pets from carnivorous furniture. In this case, Moses was being devoured by the sofa. He was horribly ungrateful when I rescued him. Perhaps he was offended that I risked his life by taking pictures first. Yes, his head is actually falling into a large hole in the couch.

Here is Timothy, in much the same predicament. For two solid days, I got called every five minutes or so to get him out of the bins. I finally refused to rescue him again, and after ten hours or so, he managed to free himself.

I also enjoyed working on my swap package. It was a pirate themed swap. I made this for my lovely swap partner. There isn't much more I can say about this.

Then one day I came home from the grocery store and found this. Chris had lots of points at work, and the points system has all sorts of goodies available for the busy bees at his company. Chris decided we need a kayak. It's actually really cool, I was just a little shocked to come home and find it in my living room.

Somehow, this is the only picture of Gabe I could find for this post. I'm fairly sure Gabe did live here this summer, so this is perplexing.

Timothy took a summer job as a Chippendale dancer. The hours were awful, but the tips were great. Ladies can't resist a man in pull-ups.

His portfolio was really impressive. I like this shot. Pensive, yet rugged.

Miney spent a lot of time watching Star Wars. Can you guess his favorite character?

So that sums up the last month. It probably also leaves you with lots of serious questions about my grip on reality. Luckily, people have been questioning it for so long, I no longer notice.


Andrea said...

that pig mask is stinkin funny. you're so talented!

emmms said...

That mask slays me every time I see it! Timothy is such a cutie!

ktb38 said...

I love that mask! And the kitty is sooo cute!

Brooke said...

They pig mask reminds me of a really twisted episode of King of the Hill.

And I immediately thought Timothy looked like a little chippendale! I felt bad until I read that you thought that too. All day I kept thinking about the SNL skit with Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley. I think I watch too much TV...

Christina said...

You know, if you let your furniture eat your children and cats, you'd have a lot more time to knit. You could make some chapstick "holders"! Hey...why didn't you post that as a summer highlight?