Sunday, January 6, 2008

Timothy Joins the Blue Man Group

We've had a busy weekend around here. Some of the things that we worked on included washing the car seat liner and cleaning out my mom-mobile, finishing up the plaster Christmas village we've been working on for the last eight years so it can be packed away, going through pictures and organizing them...and Gabe and Chris have been working hard on their entry for this year's Pinewood Derby. What does all this have to do with Timothy joining the Blue Man Group? Good question!

We had a lasagna in the oven, and while it was cooking, Chris had gone outside to reassemble the car seat and put it back in my car. I left the kitchen to take Chris the car seat's cup holder, which I had just washed, and decided to stay out and put the final coat of clear spray on the Christmas village. In the approximately two minutes I was outside, disaster struck. When I returned to the kitchen, I found Timothy standing in a kitchen chair, covered head to toe in bright blue paint. He had opened the little can of latex enamel that Chris and Gabe had been using on the derby car, and had apparently decided to see how he would look in a nice shade of blue. The only thing that stopped me from running for the camera before trying to clean him up was the idea that if he saw me taking his picture, he might try a stunt like this again. And even so, I almost regret not doing it anyway. The sight of his little guilty face, with blue paint dripping everywhere, left me at a loss for words. I truly wish you could have seen it.

In the long run, I now know that wet latex enamel paint will mostly wash out of clothing (and one sad bear) so long as you jump on it and get it right into the sink. Further, I find that dry latex paint does not scrub off of a two-year-old boy very easily, and he has now gone from blue to bright pink from all the scrubbing. He endured it fairly patiently, which is good because I didn't want to have to explain that one to his preschool teachers tomorrow.

I am thankful to God for granting me the patience to find this slightly amusing, to my eldest for his ability to run quickly and get his father before the blue paint spread, and to Chris for being the best teammate in the world in these situations. Now I must be going. Chris and I have decided that opening a bottle of wine with dinner will do us both a world of good!


Christina said...

This will make a great first date story. It is indeed too bad that there are no pictures, however. I would have liked to seen him blue.

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

oh man, how i wish i could have been there. you should have just left him blue and told his teacher that you've always wanted to get a child into showbusiness, and you figured this was your only chance since the dancing baby fiasco of the nineties. and who would blame you?

Amy said...

Darn, I'd have loved to see him blue, too. I'm surprised the paint came out of the clothing. You must have amazing laundry super-powers!

Lista said...

I do, stain removal is my hobby. And in retrospect, with two sons, one husband, one dog and six housecats, it was a good choice for a hobby.