Friday, January 25, 2008

Cute Mary Janes (or is it Sophie Janes?)

At long last, I've started taking pictures of my knitting and crochet projects. These booties were made for Baby Sophie (Brooke's baby Sophie, not Halcyon's!), and for once, I snapped a couple of shots before I wrapped them. Please excuse the sad, decrepit coffee table underneath them. It has now seen seven years of hard wear and boys who have never heard of coasters.


Halcyon said...

You mean MY baby Sophie doesn't get a pair of these? ~sniffle~ Of course, they'd stay on her approximately two minutes before she had them both off and flung as far across the room as she could fling them, but hey, that's beside the point, right? ;o)
(Cute booties, by the way.)

The Almighty Betherson "Ninja" said...

those are adorable!!! i'm actually kinda offended that my babies didn't get any. of course then you'd be making four instead of two, but i'm worth it, right?!