Monday, January 11, 2010

Some projects and a funny

I know, it's been too long between posts again. This time I have a good excuse. Growing a real, live human is hard work. This one seems to be taking my few remaining brain cells, too. So you'll have to bear with me!

Anyway, here are some projects I worked on for Christmas. Mom had a great pattern for little zippered bags and we managed to whip out quite a few. I gave one to each of the boys' teachers, which is five altogether!

This one was my favorite, and not just because it had my initial!

Here they are, all together! They were fun to make and I can't wait to make more. I might have accidentally started three quilts in the meantime. Might. Have I mentioned that being pregnant makes me want to do everything at once despite the fact that I have no energy?

Now, for the funny. Timothy and Moses the cat have a weird sibling rivalry thing going on. I regularly have to mediate arguments between them. Moses is always saying insulting things, according to Timothy, and Timothy is mean and won't let Moses eat off his plate. At least, that's what they each tell me. But that's in the daytime hours. Night is different. Clearly.

Yes, we were trying to give the cats their flea prevention and couldn't find Moses. It turns out that all those evenings he was missing (read: not tormenting the other cats), he was curled up with Timothy. Timothy claims Moses keeps the bad dreams away. Moses just knows Timothy has the warmest room in the house!


MamaT said...

The cat is almost as big as the kid!

mary said...

Oh those bags came out SUPER cute!!!