Thursday, January 21, 2010

Horror Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved all creatures great and small...all creatures, that is, except possums. For her, possums were the epitome of horror. They were ginormous rats,, even. And so she lived in peace, without any possums.

One day she ventured forth in the snow to take out the trash. In the driveway next to her yard she could see an animal. It moved oddly and appeared to be injured. So of course she approached to see if she could help. Only it wasn't an animal. It was a POSSUM. In broad daylight, a possum! Eeeeek!

So she ran for her life and called her husband at work and announced they were moving. And her husband was amused and told her the possum would not hurt her. Eventually, she worked up the nerve to follow the possum, along with her sidekick, Dynamite the cat. Thanks to a fantastic zoom lens, she got a glimpse of the possum.

If you look very carefully between the gate and the bottom of the house, you will see a little curl. That is a possum tail. ::runs away screaming in terror::

OK, I'm back. Anyway, the girl now lives in constant terror of possum attack. Especially since her dog has started spending his days trying to dig under the shed in the backyard, or sitting and growling menacingly at whatever is under it. And she is afraid to go out to dump the compost, which is behind the shed, or to let her children play outside.

The End...for now.

Let us hope this horror story doesn't have a sequal.


Knit Witch said...

Opossums are GOOD to have around! They eat poisonous snakes!! :)

Anonymous said...

frightening! When we lived in bristow we had frequent interactions with opossums,armadillos, and skunks that liked to eat cat food on the porch. Once i didn't see the skunk on our doorstep and was 3 feet away..i feel blessed that i was not sprayed but did note the skunk had to be at least 15 lbs.! It was very much a Jed and Ma Clampett being Ellie Mae with the smarts of Ma, naturally.

Christina said...

They carry all sorts of fabulous diseases, you know =)