Friday, February 20, 2009

Good mail!

Since I've been on Ravelry, my very wonderful friends on the VLT (Very Longest Thread) have sent me all sorts of lovely surprises. I thought I'd show some recent ones.

First, Emmms in London sent me some lovely packages, and one of them contained these beautiful fingerless mitts. They're so wonderfully warm and soft, and I love them! Of course, since it's me, I have to have a ridiculous story to go along with the pictures.

In this case, the story begins with me outside trying to get a good picture. I got this good one of my left hand, but my right hand looked better at the time (I know how silly this is!) so I was trying to get a picture of the right hand. The problem is that the camera is right-handed and so am I. After several failed attempts, it suddenly occurred to me that if I turned the camera around the other way, I could reach the button with my left hand. You see where this is going, right? Yep, I snapped a picture of my own face, with a perfectly lovely look of intense concentration on it. Unfortunately, I deleted it before I thought of blogging about it. Next time I do something really dumb, I'll try to think of you, my readers, first!

Here are some goodies from Heather in Ohio. She makes the very best cookies you've ever eaten, and her cupcakes...well, there are no words! She's on a mission to put meat on the bones of the world. And possibly to make the world laugh with silly flamingo frames. I am happy to report that I didn't manage to photograph my face while taking this picture.


Brooke said...

How fun to get packages like that! I love the fingerless mitts!

April said...

I so love the mittens. Actually, I passed by ravelry a few weeks ago and saw some like that on the homepage in a yummy dark yellow color and have been dreaming of being able to make myself some ever since. Too bad I don't knit. :)

MamaT said...

Tell your friend that your mom wants a pair of those mittens and she'll gladly trade something for them.

Lista said...

Emmms reads the blog, so you just told her, Mom! What do you think, Emmms? Any goodies you're craving? :o)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. your beautiful hands to taunt my tattered, knobby and chewed ones!
I'm still thinking you need to do a Vaseline commercial.