Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If I were any more behind, I'd catch up with myself!

Hi, everyone! Life is suddenly very, very busy around here. I hate it that blogging has taken the back burner for now, but I have a bad case of the Spring Crazies, and I can't seem to focus on writing anything. Plus, Chris accidentally broke the network between the computers, and for about three weeks, I had no access to any pictures.

On a happy note, I'm 36 teaching hours away from finishing up my Pilates apprenticeship! It's a 500 hour program, and I started it two years ago, so I'm quite excited to be almost done! Three more weeks should do it!

The good news is that I've taken lots of pictures, whether or not you've seen them, and I'm going to work on catching up a bit in the next few days. Feel free to hunt me down and whip me soundly if I don't stay on top of my blog!


Christina said...

I would whip you just for the fun of it...probably with yarn or something creative like that.

Congrats on the pilates!!!! That is super exciting!

MamaT said...

It's about time! Finally!!

MamaT said...

I meant it's about time for you to blog, not for you to finish your apprenticeship. That sounded rude.