Sunday, June 26, 2011

'Fess up!

There are a lot of mysteries in my house. Who left the back door open, for instance? No one ever did. It must have been the dog! (Actually, it WAS the dog, who figured out how to push the door open if it isn't locked.) So here's a list of this week's little mysteries of life:

1. Who left that giant booger on the hand towel???

(Timothy's suggestion that it was probably Wesley makes him my top suspect.)

2. Why is the front porch covered in something oily?

(I still have not figured this one out. It just appeared suddenly after I watered the porch plants, and I have no idea what it is. Disturbing.)

3. Who keeps knocking the dish towel in the kitchen onto the floor?

(Answer: Miney. Yep, I caught him at it. He reaches up and pulls it down, puts his front paws on it, and slides it all over the kitchen floor. Remind me to get a fresh dish towel every time I need one.)

And last, but certainly not least...

4. Who farted???

(No one ever owns up to this, either, and I suspect no one ever will.)


~rhoward said...

The oil one...
Reminds me of the time Gene and I walked back inside (from spending just a few minutes outside one afternoon) to find ALL THREE of our children SLIP SLIDING around on the kitchen floor, because they had poured out a couple gallons of my soaping oil. "Mommy! this is FUN!"
Need I say cleaning up that mess took a while, not to mention ALL their clothes went straight to the trash...

Steve Finnell said...