Friday, May 27, 2011

More things I thought I'd never have to say: Bathroom Version

Yep, it's that time again. More things I've said in the last week or so that I never expected to need to say.

"NO, there is most definitely NOT an MMA move called 'The Cloud of Dust', and I'll thank you to remember that only the bathroom and your bedroom are zoned for on-purpose gas."

"Yes, it would be funnier if 'fart' was spelled P-H-A-R-T." (Hey, I had to agree with him and's impressive that a six-year-old knows that "Ph" makes the same sound as "F".)

"Even IF your teacher said the limerick you write for your poetry folder can be funny, she did NOT say it could be about bodily functions!"

"See, I told you if you played patty-cake with your boy parts, it would hurt!"

"OW, biting my butt is NOT funny!" (Before anyone falsely accuses Chris, that one was aimed at Wesley.)

I somehow foresee that more and more, these little lists will contain nothing but bathroom humor. ::sigh::


Kat said...

Well, you *are* raising three boys.

Thanks for sharing these!

Silvercufaoil said...

LMAO. I love the pattycake one. I am pretty sure those will be coming soon. Our 3 yr old boy thinks potty humor is the best kind. :/