Monday, April 18, 2011

My Long-suffering Eldest...

Next in my kid showcase is Gabe, my eldest. What can I say about Gabe? Let's see...he's eleven years old and starting to tiptoe into the waters of adolescence. He is easily embarrassed by his younger brother at school. For instance, if his younger brother were to come out of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles and go up to Gabe to ask for help with his zipper, that would be embarrassing. If Timothy told Gabe's classmates a story about the time he (as a baby) used Gabe's...erm...private a means of pulling up when they were in the shower together, that would be unspeakably embarrassing. What can I say, the two of them are like oil and water. They know how to push each others' buttons and most days, I should just don a black and white striped shirt, pull out my old lifeguard whistle and start calling their fights. But that is neither here nor there.

Gabe is starting to show interest in girls. Well, girl might be more accurate. He's sensitive and kind toward his poor, outnumbered mama most of the time, and he adores his youngest brother. He would take him to school if he could. He's good at helping around the house, and therefore, completely unwilling to do it. Chris has him mowing the lawn. Let me tell you about how much he likes that.

Gabe fun facts:
  • He hates his teeth. He won't smile with teeth, and looked so sullen in his school picture that I made him do retakes. Where he looked only slightly less sullen and assured me that look was his best smile.
  • He hates Justin Bieber. Loathes. Despises. But that has not stopped him from wanting to wear his hair longer, in what is suspiciously like a Bieber haircut. Don't tell him I said that. He'd kill me.
  • He still has Senior Bear. He still sleeps with Senior Bear. And in the mornings and right before bed, he wears Senior Bear around his neck like a scarf. Don't tell him I said that. He'd kill me.
  • School is a struggle right now. He loves reading, art, music, PE and hanging out with a certain girl who shall remain nameless. He hates studying. He hates social studies, science and being told what to do by teachers.
  • Life's goal: To be a writer. He hates to write, but this doesn't seem to dissuade him from writing as a career.
Here he is, practicing archery with his bff. Do boys have bffs? I don't know the answer to this. I'll ask him tomorrow in front of his friends. He'll probably be horribly and unspeakably embarrassed.

Despite not liking school science, he loves real life science. Here he is, balancing some eggs on end.

I told you he wears Senior Bear like a scarf.

Ha! Teeth! Caught him off guard!

He calls Wesley "Wiggles" and Wesley adores him! He used to scare me hauling Wesley around the house and yard, but he hasn't dropped him yet. He did let him fall off a bed the other day, but babies are made of rubber, so there were no major injuries.

Gabe is funny. His sense of humor rivals that of most adults. He is proud of looking like his Popple. He is loving and so stubborn that I sometimes want to strangle him. He is sarcastic. I have no idea where he learned that. Really. He's a good kid, and I don't know what I ever did before I had him around to keep me in line.


emmms said...

He's a lovely dude, you Gabe is. It's such a weird age, 11; a weird combination of burgeoning hormones and a refusal to enter young adulthood. My nephew-in-law is 11 and I think he and Gabe would probably get on absurdly well, especially if Gabe has a liking for anything cartoony that involves farts or poo. He hasn't shown signs of general mortification yet, but then I don't see him with his friends. (That would probably be horrifying for everyone involved.)(Especially if I showed up looking like I do today: i.e. turquoise tights, short boldly floral skirt, vintage tee from someone else's family reunion, essentially exactly as I did when I was 11.)(You know, it's not a bad look, either -- perhaps you could try it out on Gabe and tell him it's on me.)(Don't do that, he might become scarred for life and refuse to ever enter Europe, and that would be a shame. He'd like it.)

MamaT said...

Awww...that brought tears to my eyes. Yes, what did we do before Gabe. Our Gabey Baby. We love him.

sheboz said...

I remember changing his diaper.

Amy said...

Oh that Monkey Face! Wait, does that cause unspeakable embarassment? Tough! He'll always be Monkey Face! Just no JB haircuts!!!!!