Monday, February 18, 2008

The turmoil of having a smart kid...

Gabe never ceases to amaze me with the things he deduces and then makes me explain. The other day, he came home from school and asked me, "Mama, do I have any half brothers?"

Now, Gabe knows he was adopted. I'm not sure exactly what that means to him, but he knows it. So I've been expecting this kind of question for some time. When I answered yes, he seemed incredulous, and wanted to know who and where they were. When I explained that Timothy is, technically, his half brother, he was even more incredulous. He kept asking me, "Are you sure???"

I explained that half siblings have one parent in common and the other parent...not in common. I told him that in his case, he and Timothy both grew inside of me, but they didn't have what we like to call "the same biological father". Then I sat back and thought to myself, "Here it comes. A big question. 'What's a biological father? Who is MY biological father? How are babies made?'" The silence grew as I prepared my answers to these unasked questions. Then Gabe asked:

"Then who's Timothy's dad?"

Oh, the humor of it all! Years of preparation down the drain! I explained that Daddy is Timothy's dad, but Daddy wasn't around when Gabe was born, so Daddy adopted Gabe and became his Daddy. Then I held my breath again, waiting for more questions. I could see the wheels turning in Gabe's head. And the next words out of his mouth were: "Cool! Can I go ride my heelies now?"

In case you're wondering, I sent him out to ride his heelies and left that can of worms yet unopened. Maybe next time he gets to wondering about life, the universe and everything, his father will be the one to field the questions! I can only hope!

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Amy said...

Your child is hilariously frightening. I was waiting for him to ask why Timothy has all four limbs, too, if he's only a "half" brother. Bet you could throw him off with that one, mwahaha.
Awesome job getting out of the baby-making talk... that's likely to a strange(r) one. Keep the heelies within reach!