Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging from Houston!

Hello, everyone! Here I am in Houston, and still capable of blogging! Isn't technology wonderful? I have planned two new blog entries, but they require pictures...and I forgot the cable to dump my camera onto the computer!!! I suggested last night to Chris that we drive home real quick and pick it up. He threw a pillow at my head. Eight hours in the car apparently killed his sense of humor.

Anyway, I just dropped him off at his training, and now I'm free to explore and probably get very, very lost. Nevermind that I used to live here. That was years ago, and I didn't have a sense of direction back then, either.

So, off I go to explore. And eat. I have a huge list of places I need to eat while I'm here, and if I don't get started I might not make it through them all this week. I'm off!


Amy said...

Hurray for internet! Now I can still harass you!

Maybe while you're out getting lost you'll run into (not literally, I hope) a walmart that has a cheap replacement cord.

What kind of food are you looking forward to? I'm thinking the Mexican has to be a heck of a lot more authentic there than it is here, made by Italians (or Indians who do a MUCH better job for some reason).

Lista said...

Mexican made by Mexicans, seafood made by the ocean (preferably not the gulf of Mexico, due to pollution) and sushi made by...are there any real Japanese people here? And steak made by cow-haters. Yes, I'm eating all sorts of awful things this week. I'm giving myself free-rein. Chris'll have to roll me back to Tulsa! Whoohoo!

Christina said...

Does your camera not have a memory card? Most of the memory cards now will fit directly into the removeable F drive. That's how I do mine, at least. I'm too lazy to mess with chords.

Have fun on your travels! Are you childless, right now?

Lista said...

It has a card, but this computer has an F-drive that you have to attach. And I forgot it at home. Because I'm a big dumbhead. And because I had two sick children to pack and get to their grandmother's house before I could pack myself. Not literally pack myself, but pack FOR myself. Although I would certainly fit in my bag. Did I mention that I brought 10 pairs of shoes on this trip? Chris almost fainted when he saw them.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

Are you kid free too? That would be a real vacation, huh?