Friday, August 20, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Today I was in Wesley's room changing his diaper, and Timothy followed me in to keep me company. While I was busy with the baby, he was examining my breast pump. I typically feed Wesley in the rocker in the nursery, and Timothy is typically pretty clueless even when I'm feeding Wesley elsewhere. So I was a little surprised to hear, "Mama, where does the milk come out when you feed Wesley?"

I considered this question for a while and then answered as clearly as I could. "It comes out of my nipples, Timothy."

There was a moment of stunned disbelief, followed by peals of laughter. Before I could stop him, Timothy ran from the room, laughing hysterically. "Gabe, Gabe, guess what?" he shouted. "Mama can squirt milk out of her NIPPLES!"

Throughout the course of the day, he shared this information with Chris and then with our waiter at dinner. I have a feeling come Monday, I might be getting a call from his kindergarten teacher.


emmms said...

Ha! Lista, I love your son!!!!! If you don't hear from the postman, the cashier at your grocers and the crazy lady across the road congratulating you on your squirty nipples, I'll be surprised and oddly disappointed!

April Nienhuis said...


sheboz said...

heh heh I'm so glad it's not just my kid.;)

Amy said...

I love the Evraets men...especially the shorter ones and their commentary!!!