Monday, March 22, 2010

A difficult age...

Mother confession of the day: five is not my favorite age. Timothy suddenly knows everything. It's all black and white, and surprise! He's always right. His favorite way to pass time is to ask questions to which he already knows the answers. This past week, we were over at Mom's house so I could do some sewing. He was coming into the sewing room about every 30 seconds or so to require that I choose the next color for his craft project. Finally, in complete exasperation at being asked for the 4,000th time what color of paper should come next I responded, "I would like the color of paper that means you won't come back into the sewing room for a long time."

He looked at me coldly and then said in his iciest tones, "Well, that would be pink!" before stomping off.


emmms said...

Well. That told you.

Anonymous said...

How long was it before he came back the next time?