Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dyeing (not to be confused with dying)

Here are a few pictures of us dyeing eggs. Note that I made the kids strip down to prevent messes, yet I was the one who ended up with multi-colored fingers!

Gabe really likes to write on the eggs with a white crayon and see the magic writing appear. It should be noted that I do feed this child. If he gets much skinnier I'll have to put weights on him on windy days.

Timothy wanted to try writing on the eggs, too.

We had some random mystery dye packs from last year, and I wasn't really sure what colors they would be. Most of the colors were really cool, but then there was one that was...brown. It wasn't ugly, it just looked like a brown egg.

When it came out of the dye, there was this long silence. Gabe said, "It''s..." Timothy piped up, "Poo!"

Timothy was especially impressed at the egg dying process this year.

This was my favorite egg! The only pink dye we had was really grainy, so I overdyed with blue and got this! Now, to try it with yarn!

Our finished products!


MamaT said...

Funny thing--I was going to comment that if YOU got any skinnier we'd have to tie weights on you to go out in the wind!

Glad Timothy enjoyed the egg dyeing and the POO colored egg. He's getting into the Marler favorite subject around the table.

emmms said...

Awesome! I love the overdyed one, but where's the pic of the poo?!